Carnival or Circus

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Circus ExerSaucer Question!!!

S.S. asks from Cheyenne

I have an Evanflo ExerSaucer Mega (the circus theme) which I love, but does anyone know how to collapse it so we can take it with us on our trip this weekend!!! Some...


Circus -To Go or Not? Son Has Temp

M.D. asks from Chicago

I am supposed to be going with my sound his preschool class to the circus tomorrow morning. Right now (midnight) he is running a high temp, which has been responding ...


Carnival vs Other Cruise Lines

P.F. asks from Chicago

We are trying to plan a cruise and the travel agent found us a great deal on a Carnival boat. We have never cruised on Carnival and really don't want to go now but th...


Ringling Circus - Zing Zang Zoom

L.D. asks from Chicago

Have any families been to the circus at the Allstate Arena? I wanted to know if it's an event to take a three year old. She loves elephants and tigers but I heard t...


1 Year Old Baby Girl Carnival Party

M.F. asks from Houston

Okay please don't think that I have lost it. But, we are having an all out PARTY for my baby girls 1st birthday. I know!! I know!! It is more for the adults but o-w...


Halloween Theme

L.G. asks from Kansas City

Traditionally, I have my kids dress up for Halloween surrounding a certain theme. I have three little ones and we've done The Wizard of Oz and Vampires with a baby b...


Hey Mom's: Would You Go to the Circus If It Came?

V.M. asks from Las Vegas

I am wondering how in these tighter times, you all are approaching family entertainment. Are you staying in more? What do you do when the kids want to go to Disney, t...


Looking for Face Painting for Carnival Birthday Party

M.P. asks from Los Angeles

Any suggestions for a face painter for my son's 1st birthday party? The party is in the Long Beach area. We are having a carnival theme!


Cruise Ship Suggestions. Carnival or Norweigen?

ღ.. asks from Detroit

Mornin! I am planning a surprise cruise for my husbands 30th birthday next summer. I know its early, but the earlier you book the cheaper it is. Im not looking t...


Help!! Tonight Is Our School Carnival and Our Prizes Have Not Arrived!!!

A.M. asks from Dallas

I am looking to find little CHEAP party favor like prizes for our carnival tonight. They were ordered, but have not arrived. Does anyone know where I can get some in ...