Carnival or Circus: Puppets

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Looking for Hand or Finger Puppets in Bulk Quantities in Metro-Atlanta

E.D. asks from Atlanta

I am looking for 20-40 various hand or finger puppets at a reasonable price in Metro Atlanta. They can be any theme (animals, people, insects) or just a mixture of ty...


Circus -To Go or Not? Son Has Temp

M.D. asks from Chicago

I am supposed to be going with my sound his preschool class to the circus tomorrow morning. Right now (midnight) he is running a high temp, which has been responding ...


I Can't Decide on a Theme! Help!

B.C. asks from Dallas

For my dd's 3rd b-day I WAS going to go with a "make-believe" type of party since it's close to Halloween and she's so incredibly imaginative. The problem is, I'm hav...


Seeking Craft Ideas for Little Mermaid Theme Birthday Party

E.T. asks from Dallas

My daughter will be turning three in February loves the Little Mermaid, so that is going to be the theme of the party. Since the weather in February is so unpredictab...


Entertainment for 1St Bday Party

D.L. asks from Miami

Hi, I want to get some entertainment for my daughters first bday party - don't want to go to crazy but do what to have something - Don't really want to do circle t...


Ideas for 'Theme's for in Indoors Toddler Playgroup ?

M.M. asks from Fort Collins

Hi - 15 mom's and kids have just started a new playgroup at a Community Ctr. We have a great sized space but not a lot of money. The kid's are mostly 2-3.5yrs old. Ho...


Party Ideas, Games and Entertainment That Suggest

M.N. asks from New York

I'm looking for party ideas and games for children ages 3 and up to 9. Also, if you have experience with hiring children's entertainment, I'd love to know what kinds ...


6-Year Old Birthday Party

K.L. asks from Des Moines

My daughter's 6th bday is coming up and we have decided to have a party with some of her friends coming over to the house. I haven't done this before so I have some q...


Seeking Icheap Party Favor Ideas for 2 Year Old Party - Cupcake Theme - Not Junk

E.H. asks from Dallas

I am throwing my two-year old a cupcake-themed party at the park and am looking for good party favor ideas. I know most the time party favor bags end up in the trash...


Party Favors

M.G. asks from Chicago

I'm looking for some ideas for Party Favors. My son will be 5 and my daughter will be 3. I'm having their party together at Bouncetown and I'm looking for some idea...