Carnival or Circus: Baby Einstein

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Baby Einstein Signing.. Good or Bad??

R.G. asks from Los Angeles

My daughter has been watching baby einstein once or twice a day (mostly at naptime) since she was 4 months old.. she has been signing since she was 1 yr old now 17 m...


CD Player for Baby's Room

L.A. asks from Detroit

I want to purchase a cd player for the baby's room - for herclassical and baby einstein. What do you recommend?


Birthday Party Ideas for Boy/Girl Twins

R.W. asks from Chicago

I am planning a birthday party for my soon to be one-year-old twins. They are boy/girl twins. So I am looking for ideas for themes for their first birthday party. ...


1St Birthday Party Idea's

L.P. asks from Dallas

My Daughter will be 1 at the end of Oct. I am trying to get idea's for her birthday party. I am going to make the invititations so I just want to start thinking ab...


Ideas for a Creative First Birthday Party for My Daughter

N.K. asks from Detroit

I really want to create a fun and exciting birthday for my daughter who will be turning 1 in November. It's a ways away but I want to start thinking of creative idea...


1St Birthday!

C.L. asks from Charleston

My son's first birthday is coming up in February. I haven't decided yet what to do for his party. We will probably just have family over at my parent's house. It w...


What Is the Most Needed Kind of Children's Video?

A.M. asks from Dallas

I am looking for a great video for babies. For babies, what kind do you all like? Baby Einstein? Cartoons? Videos with stories? Are there any DVDs that encourage...


Age Appropriate DVD for 15 Month Old

B.H. asks from Kansas City

Can I get some suggestions on DVD's that are appropriate for a 15 month old to watch. We will taking a trip this weekend and I wanted to get some DVD's that he can wa...


1St Birthday Party

M.A. asks from Chicago

I'm planning a 1st b-day for my son. We have a big family and at least 10 close friends that we'll be inviting. I know it's easier to just have a small group, but t...


First Birthday Party for Twin Girls!!!

K.S. asks from Toledo

My twin girls are turning 1 very soon!!! I have no ideas for a first birthday party. With my son he had an interest in baby Einstein...but my girls aren't interested ...