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I Need to Work at Home!

I had to leave my current job as my boss slandered my name to other employees which I know is against the law, but it is not worth my time and effort to seek it out. So I have been home for a year and am trying to find the perfect work from home, but I have searched for a job to work from home and they just don't seem legitimate or the pay is not there. Does anyone have any suggestions? HELP!!!!


Work from Home

I'm a SAHM of 3 who also watches a friends child during the day. I'd like to...

Working out

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Help for a Working Mom

I need some help from all of you organized moms out there. I am a first time mom of a 5 1/2 month old beautiful little boy. I just started back to work part time 3 days a week. I was working half days and doing well but now have to work full days and will soon be working 4 days a week. I am so exhausted and I feel like I am catching a cold. I am breast feeding and pumping to feed my son. I just don't feel like there is enough hours in the day to work, play with my son, spend time with my husband, clean the house, cook dinner, do...