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Need Address for Soldiers Overseas and Goodie Ideas

N.Y. asks from Dallas

Hi, our girl scout troop of 8-9 year olds would like to put some boxes together of goodies for our soldiers overseas. We already have lots of gs cookies that we'll b...


Will My Emotions Ever Go Back to Normal?

R.. asks from Austin

I was looking for new lullabies to sing my DD, when I came across the "baby mine" scene from Dumbo... You know, the part where Dumbo's mom is locked in the train car,...


Deployment Gift Idea

S.P. asks from Nashville

My nephew is in the Marines and is leaving on his first assignment to Japan in a couple weeks. He will be gone at least a year. There will be a party before his dep...


My Son Is in Iraq and I Am Falling Apart.

C.E. asks from Evansville

My son has been deployed in Iraq. I am having a hard time staying focused at work and have no energy for anything at home. I hardly sleep all the way during the nig...


Empty Nest

J.L. asks from San Diego

I have a neighbor whose daughter is leaving for a fantastic university next month. My neighbor's husband died when her daughter was six-years-old and its been the two...


Unique Gift for Female Graduate

H.O. asks from Dallas

A dear friend of ours is graduating high school and lives far out of state. I so wish we could see this momentus occaision, but we just do not have the funds to do s...


Christmass in Iraq

C.H. asks from Lafayette

My 22 yr old son was deployed to Iraq last month. I have no idea what to send him for x-mass. This is his second time around in Iraq. Last time I sent him playstat...


What to Do for Family That Lost Dad?

D.K. asks from Los Angeles

My friend, who lives up north, recently lost her EX-husband in a motorcycle accident. They have a beautiful 8 year old boy. He was a great and dedicated father, it'...


What Was Your Favorite Baby Shower Gift?

M.M. asks from Minneapolis

Going to a baby shower for my niece. I want to get her something she will like maybe other than clothes but for sure different that she won't get a duplicate of.


Overnight Summer Camp - Any Tips?

L.M. asks from New York

Next Sunday we drop my daughter off at camp for a week. She's looking forward to it. Last summer she went to a different camp (one that she was familiar with) and r...