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Stroller Car Seat Advice

S.W. asks from Salt Lake City

Hi Ladies We are having our baby no 2 soon .I don't have any of the stuff from my baby no 1.So I am trying to find a better way to get all the baby gears. After lot...


Car Seat Advice

C.M. asks from Phoenix

Hello Moms. My 3 year old has maxed out her convertible car seat. She is tall for her age and although she is not yet 40 pounds, the straps are the furthest they ca...


Do We Bring the Car Seat?

H.P. asks from Boston

My husband and I are traveling to Mexico next week with our 7 mo. old. We like to travel light and plan not to have any check luggage...just carry on. When talking a...


2Nd Baby Car Seat

M.R. asks from Modesto

Hi- I have a 27 mo. old and my second (a boy) due in late July.We can't decide wether to place the rear facing car seat in the middle of the back seat of our cars and...


Car Seat Information.....

L.S. asks from Davenport

Hi moms, I got a car seat '07 but now its about 6 years old manufactured in '03 and we are expecting our second child in Feb.'10 I was wondering if we can use that ...


Car Seat Issue.

M.C. asks from Chattanooga

My daughter is still small enough to need a harness in the car. My SIL (who is living with us for the time being) recently got a truck, which is now our main from of ...


Car Seat Hell

J.H. asks from Austin

I've just brought home my daughter from China. Friends installed the car seat (an Eddie Bauer convertible for Caroline, who is 2), but it's not in correctly. The stra...


Car Seat Travel Bag

D.S. asks from Phoenix

I will be traveling with my 6 month old next month and will need to take his new full size car seat with us. I am in the process of buying a travel bag for it. Ther...


Do You Take the Car Seat with You for Vacation

R.H. asks from Dallas

We are traveling to Flordida to Walt Disney World in May and we are NOT staying on the property. We have never traveling before with our 4 year old. What do we do ab...


Should I Use Car Seat on Plane?

A.D. asks from Phoenix

Should I bring car seat on plane or let my 2 year old sit in big seat with CARES harness? (I have a Britax Marathon its kinda a big seat) I am traveling from AZ to I...