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Car Seat Recommendations

J.B. asks from Dallas

Hi Moms- I need some help with car seats. My baby boy is almost 20 pounds and is almost ready for a front facing car seat. My husband and I are so excited, because we...


Car Seat Checked with Other Baggage

K.L. asks from Savannah

I have seen the special bags to put your car seat in when you have to check it with the rest of your luggage. Is this bag really necessary? We did not use it before...


Car Seat Expiration Dates. What??

H.M. asks from Columbia

Hi Mamas, I'm pregnant! I'm PREGNANT!!! :) (may I inject a little nausea into that statement too? Because that's how I feel right about now.) Anyway, my daughter wil...


Car Seat to a Booster

J.B. asks from Oklahoma City

My 5 year old is still under 40 lbs and is asking to sit in a booster rather than a car seat with the 5 point harness. She meets the requirements for the height and ...


Volvo XC90 Car Seat

M.M. asks from Los Angeles

wanted to see if any one has had the Volvo XC90 and used the built in car seat, if so do you think its as safe or safer than a conventional booster? My Son just turne...


Booster Car Seat

H.K. asks from Milwaukee

I was woundering the safe age to put my son in a booster car seat (backless). He's 14 months and weighs 26 pounds. All the seats say 30+ pounds. I just want to be saf...


Car Seat Needed on Bus?

B.H. asks from Minneapolis

We are interested in using the park and ride from South Dale Mall to the fair. Do we need a car seat or is it legal to go without one? Any ideas on a different option...


Traveling with Convertible Car Seat

L.S. asks from Los Angeles

My husband, 2 year old daughter and I are flying to Atlanta next month. This is the first time she will have her own plane seat. I'm wondering if we should bring our ...


Car Seat Suggestions?

K.B. asks from Hattiesburg

What is your favorite car seat? I need something EASY! My daughter will be 1 next month. I really don't want to spend $250 on a seat. THANKS!


Car Seat Checks ....

J.A. asks from Kansas City

My twins will finially be turning one in a few weeks. I've very anxious to turn their seat forward facing. Can anyone tell me where they do car seat checks in the O...