Car Seats: Toddler, Munchkin

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How to Remove Vomit Smell from Car Seat???

A.P. asks from Chicago

howdy, thanx for your input on how to remove vomit and it's delightful aroma from our britax car seat. can you easily remove the cover? how about washing the seatbelt...


Help! My 4 Month Old HATES His Carseat!!

M.S. asks from Seattle

Hey all. I am a first time mother of a great 4 month old! Of course I am bias but he really is awesome. He has slept through the night since about 2 weeks, eats gr...


Flight to Europe with 15 Month Old

E.M. asks from Los Angeles

Hey moms! Traveling to Europe with my 15 month old. Any advice for the flight or how to deal with jet lag? And how much to travel with in terms of food? Car seat?...


Adopting a Boy - What to Register for an (18 Month Old) Baby Shower

W.M. asks from Dallas

My husband will have the son we've been praying for in two months. Some friends from our church are wanting to throw us a shower - can you give me an idea of the "mus...


19 Month Old Daughter Refusing to Sit in Grocery Cart.

M.H. asks from Dallas

Hi fellow moms! I have a 19 month old daughter who has in the past few weeks refused to sit down in the grocery cart at the store. When I put her in she immediately s...


9 Month Old Son Suddenly TERRIFIED of Bathtime

R.D. asks from Richmond

My son has always loved the bath, and outgrew his infant tub months ago. i bathed him in the kitchen sink for a few weeks (to try to save my poor back), but he would ...


2 Year Old on Air Plane

C.F. asks from Milwaukee

We are going back to Disney World in March. This will be the first time for my daughter Claire. She is only 2 in October(she was in my tummy last time). I plan on buy...


Help! Cat Urine and 3 Month Old

L.R. asks from Los Angeles

Hi all, Does anyone know the dangers of cat urine? My son (3 months old) might have put his hand in a drop of cat urine, and then into his mouth! He was also sucki...


Traveling to Europe with 11 Month Old

J.S. asks from Chicago

Does anyone have advice for traveling overseas with an 11 month old? My husband and I are planning to take our daughter to Paris then to Prague for my cousins weddin...


5 Month Old Wont Sleep

J.D. asks from Austin

My son is almost 5 months old. He eats 4-6 ounces every 2 hours and I give him cereal with bananas and/or applesauce twice a day. He only sleeps for about 7 hours a d...