Car Seats: Toddler, Munchkin

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How to Remove Vomit Smell from Car Seat???

howdy, thanx for your input on how to remove vomit and it's delightful aroma from our britax car seat. can you easily remove the cover? how about washing the seatbelt? i appreciate your advice asap... baby lost her lunch yesterday (and of course, did not have change of clothing-but that's another story!).


21 answers

Help! My 4 Month Old HATES His Carseat!!

Hey all. I am a first time mother of a great 4 month old! Of course I am bias but he really is awesome. He has slept through the night since about 2 weeks, eats great, is never fussy, supper smiley and the list goes on. Problem is he absolutly dispises riding in the car. When he was younger it wasn't a problem at all, we would strap him in and he'd be asleep within minutes, now, he SCREAMS! He will be in a great mood before and the second we take him out he goes back to his happy self but makes riding in the car pretty unpleasent. I...