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10 Month Old Crying in Car

My 10 month old used to be a good traveler in the car. For the past month (every since he has become mobile) he does not like to be in his carseat, stroller, wagon, etc. We think it's anything that he feels 'confined' in. He will cry the entire time we're in the car and it just makes any little trip, errand, etc difficult and stressful. Any tips or suggestions?

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Travel Bed for Toddler

Ladies - Most hotels we go to are able to furnish us a crib or a pack and play, this summer though we'll be doing a whistlestop tour and visiting family, so toting our own seems like the right thing to do. Have any of you used the kidco peapod lite? Is it less bulky than a pack and play? we'll be travelling internationally, and don't want to use up the meager luggage weight allowances. Our DS is 15 months old, and 30" long. We don't want to transition him to a bed until we absolutely must. We quite enjoy knowing he is safe in...