Car Seats: Miracle Blanket

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Car Seat Napping - Safe?

J.P. asks from Chicago

Hello- My now 11 week old has graduated from 'bouncy chair' napping to car seat. I understand some moms do this and doctors recommend it (for acid reflux issues) ...


Newborn Sleeping in Car Seat?

J.T. asks from Chicago

I have a nearly 2 week old. We originally bought him a moses basket to sleep in, but he seems to only sleep in there when he is tightly swaddled or during the day ti...


Do All Babies like to Be Swaddled?

A.S. asks from Chicago

Let me first say that I'm a big believer in swaddling. My first son always managed to get out of his swaddle as a newborn, so I always thought he didn't like to be s...


When Did You Stop Swaddling?

C.A. asks from Dallas

I have a three month old who is a great sleeper (about 2 3 hour naps a day and 11-12 hours at night) and I put him to sleep on his back. I'm concerned because the ba...


My Baby Has Colic

L.V. asks from Dallas

Hey guys, I have a 5 week old with colic. I am breastfeeding him, and have tried taking out dairy, spicy foods, raw veggies and caffine. Nothing has helped. I have tr...


Is Velcro Bad for Babies?

M.F. asks from Chicago

I am expecting our first child within the next 4 weeks and am busy getting things ready in the house that I will know that I need. I was planning on getting the "swa...


Transitioning Out of Swaddle

H.D. asks from Philadelphia

Hi, My daughter is a little more than 3 months old and she sleeps at night wrapped in a swaddle blanket (the miracle balnket). During the day she naps in a bouncy ...


How Do I Break the Swaddling?

S.K. asks from Denver

My son is about 4 months old, he is big around 18 pounds. Swaddling has been part of our routine since he was 4 weeks old. I have used the Swaddle Me blankets and the...


Frequent Waking in 4-Month-Old Baby

A.N. asks from Philadelphia

Hello! My daughter just turned four months old and is waking several times throughout the night (anywhere from a few times to almost hourly). She was like this as ...


My 3 Month Old Hates the Car!!!

M.J. asks from Chicago

Does anyone have any ideas why my 3 month old (turns 3 months in two days) screams when she is in her car seat and driving in the car? She will scream from point A to...