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8 Month Old Sleeping and Eating Habits

H.W. asks from Des Moines

I have an 8 1/2 month old little boy.....over the past few weeks he has been more difficult when eating; he throws his hands around and, often, whacks the spoon with ...


What Do I Need??

J.A. asks from San Francisco

Hi all, I'm a first time mom to be, expecting a baby boy in 5 weeks and can't wait!! Any advise on the things you couldn't live without? We have a crib, car seat,...


Recommended Baby Items for 1St Time Momma

M.C. asks from Boston

My husband and I are expecting our first child in July. This will be the first grandchild on both sides and his mom is dying to hit the store! She would like for us...



A.K. asks from Fresno

hi everybody i have a 6 1/2 month old son. he has been diagnosed with ezema. my pediatrician gave me an oitment to put on his rashes. most of them have gone away ...


One Year Old with Exzema

L.B. asks from Killeen

Hi, my daughter was recently diagnosed with a mild form of exzema. My pedi recommended that I use Aveeno, but it has not helped. I thought that it could just be fro...



B.W. asks from Washington DC

Hi again all! So, my 10 month old has some bumps, for lack of a better word, on her back and the side of her leg that just popped up within the last week or so. They...


What Are Your TOP 5 Favorite Baby Products?

C.P. asks from Harrisburg

Just wondering if theres any great/helpful products out there I wasn't aware of. Mine are (in no specific order) 1-Pampers Swaddlers Sensitive These are the...


What Products to Use for an Infant Who Has a Rash

K.W. asks from Las Vegas

Hi I was wondering what products many of you recommend for an infant (2 month old) who has a very bad sandpaper like rash all over her body. Her back is actually pee...


Severe Rashes on 8-Month Old Boy

L.C. asks from Dallas

Our poor 8 month old boy is experiencing some pretty bad rashes. It all started when he was 3 months old, and a case of empitigo was mis-diagnosed for a week by the p...



T.C. asks from Minneapolis

Hi ladies, I have a 13 month old who had had a rash all over his back, belly, upper thigh, and forearms. Its had been there about a month. At first doc said she thoug...