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How Do You Keep a 3 and 2 Year Old Occupied on a Road Trip?

L.D. asks from Atlanta

My family is taking a trip to Hilton Head. It is about a 5-6 hour trip from Atlanta. My husband does not want to pay for an extra night, so we are leaving early in th...


Need Advice on Taking a Road Trip with a 14 Month Old

S.K. asks from Dallas

We are about to take a 10 hr trip with my 14 month old son. I am very nervous about it. The last thing I want is to be stuck in a car with ten hours of screaming. ...


Traveling with Two in Car Seats

C.C. asks from Chicago

Hi. I have found lots of great tips on the site from moms who have traveled alone with 2+ kids (which has really boosted my confidence) but I have a few more questio...


Long Car Ride

M.H. asks from Chicago

Hi everyone, I have a 4 year old and a 1 year old and we will be driving for 8+ hrs to TN from IL, I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on Kids books on CD's...


Traveling to Puerto Rico with a 23 Mo. Old & an Infant; Is This Feasible?

A.D. asks from South Bend

Hi Moms. My brother is finally getting married at the end of this year (right after Christmas) in Puerto Rico (where his fiance is from)! All of us are excited for ...


Going on a 1200 Mile Road Trip with My 19 Month Old Daughter! HELP!

M.A. asks from Bismarck

We are leaving in a few days for a VERY LONG road trip (1200 miles) and plan to do this in 2 days. The last road trip we made was only about 300 miles, so this will b...


Long Road Trip

K.D. asks from Rapid City

We are going to be going to my parents house for Christmas and it is a 15 hr car ride. We are stopping half way and spending the night, but we will be in the car for...


Looking for Ideas to Keep My 18Mo Happy During a 12-14 Hour Road Trip in July

B.H. asks from Fargo

Hi, My brother is getting married in July and I am looking for any ideas to keep my 18 mo son happy during a 12-14 hour road trip. We have traveled with him by air b...


Advice for Trip to Hawaii

J.N. asks from Los Angeles

My daughter is 3 months old and we are taking a family vacation to hawaii at the end of the week. Does anyone have any previous experience and tips for traveling thr...


10 Hour Car Ride with 20 Month Old Toddler

A.C. asks from Washington DC

Does anyone have any suggestions for making a 10 hour trip more enjoyable (tolerable) for a 20 month old little boy? We just ordered a travel tray thing to help out ...