Car Rides & Road Trips: Infant, First Years

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Will a SAFETY 1ST Alpha Omega Elite Fit in Our Dodge Durango

T.C. asks from Des Moines

We area bout to take a LONG car trip and my daughter 9 months and still in a infant seat. I'd like to move her to a new seat before the trip so she'll be more comfor...


Feeding Baby Solids on Vacations (No Highchair)

S.K. asks from Minneapolis

We are taking our 11 month old on a long vacation out of US. We most probably wont have highchairs there. I hold and feed him when I visit friends houses who don't ha...


Need a New Carseat

J.O. asks from Salt Lake City

My daughter is really small for her age. She is 9 months and weighs a little under 12 lbs. She is also really petite. She is currently in a infant carrier for a ca...


Carseat for a 3 Yr Old (Advise)

V.D. asks from Salt Lake City

Alright I just did this for my 1 yr old but now I'd like to see your opinions about a car seat for my daughter that just turned 3. I'm trying to decide whether to mo...


2 Year Old Night Wanderer

R.T. asks from Champaign

My daughter has learned how to climb out of the crib and now she wanders the house at night before finally making it to my room where she climbs in bed with mommy & d...


"Pumpkin" Seat vs Big Kid Carseat!?!

S.J. asks from Huntsville

I have an almost 6 month old that I am thinking about moving into the big boy car seat....the still rear facing but can turn around and face forwards also. Do an...


When to "End" the Sippy Cup

D.M. asks from Denver

I have a 3 yr old and 20 mo old. Both still use sippy's. She uses a big girl cup at meals, but during the day, in the car etc. a sippy. When would you recommend "e...


Best Umbrella Stroller for Travel

N.O. asks from Chicago

Hi moms, We currently have the Citi MIni Baby Jogger stroller, which I love for around town. But, it does feel a bit wide and bulky for plane travel, etc. We're c...



J.G. asks from Colorado Springs

I just started working from home, becasue I was expecting my first son. He is 2 weeks now, and I have been thinking about pumping part-time, so that my husband and I...


Sunshinde Kids Carseat Question or Any Other Suggestions?

M.P. asks from Provo

Hey moms! I have a huge baby. He's 28 lbs and 30 inches at 9 months. When he was 3 months old he out grew his infant seat so I got a britax marathon. I love the seat!...