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Another Insurance Question

G.R. asks from Dallas

they already are fixing my truck ,my question is if a rent a car the insurance(from the guy who hit my truck) is gonna pay also for the insurance(30.00 dialy)for the ...


Teenagers, Money, Jobs and Responsibility?

K.I. asks from Spokane

Hi ladies! **Always have to put a disclaimer, so I do not get lots of people saying I resent this kid, because some people hear "step" and assume that means "new rel...


18 Year Old Son Wants His Freedom...

L.J. asks from Atlanta

We have a son (H/S senior) who will turn 18 next month (June). He is an excellent student (Honors/Gifted) who earned money to pay for half of his own car, pays his ca...


Curfew and Consequence for 18 Year Old High School Girl

L.N. asks from Anchorage

My daughter just turned 18 on 12/20, and since, she has stayed overnight twice at her boyfriends house even though I have given her a 1am curfew. And she has yet to ...


My 18 Year Old Step Daughter Is Out of Control

S.K. asks from Milwaukee

My 18 year old step daughter thinks she can do whatever she wants since she turned 18 2 weeks ago and got a car with her trust fund money. She stays out on school nig...


18Yr Old Daughter Is Pushing the Limits and Manipulating Me.

K.G. asks from Minneapolis

Our 18yr old daughter is living with us and making our life very difficult. She is acting like many her age in that she wants to live by her own set of rules, not ou...


Need Help Recouping Costs of Rental Car After Accident

C.T. asks from San Francisco

I need some advice on how to recoup money for rental car costs due to an accident. My husband's car was hit by another person in a parking lot. We do not have rental ...


Seeking Advice on Stepchildren

D.B. asks from Sacramento

I have a stepdaughter that is almost 20 yrs old, she has been moving in and out of our house since she was 18. She has no job and constantly asks us for money plus we...


First Home - List of Bills

V.W. asks from Minneapolis

I'm trying to put together a list of all of the monthly bills my boyfriend and I will have once we move into our house, but I would like to know if I am missing anyth...


My Sister Is a Thief, How Do I Prove It to My Family

Z.M. asks from Los Angeles

My sister supposedly went to school for accounting (that's what she claims) although her adult kids tell me she's never gone to anything beyond high school. I believ...