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How Much Do We Do for Our 20 Year Old?

M.M. asks from Kansas City

We have a 20 year old son who decided to leave college, move back home and work full time at my family's business. He is not planing on going back to school in the f...


Would You Charge Your Kids Rent?

D.H. asks from Dallas

Hi I would just like yall's thoughts on charging your children rent... My husband's oldest daughter still lives with us she is only 19 but graduated early when she wa...


Older Children Irresponsible with Chores

J.K. asks from Wilmington

I have 5 children ages, 17,16,11,4,3. My older two are doing great in school, active in afterschool stuff, and following most of the family rules. No one smokes, drin...



B.B. asks from Syracuse

We have a 19 year college boy that I have a issue with swearing, disrespect (especially with me and his 9 year old brother), meanness towards his brother, and just ge...


18 Year Old Son

J.S. asks from Albany

My son is 18 years old. He is slow at planning for college and just recently signed up for classes. He has been dating a 15 year old girl for the past 2 month. He ...


Help Teaching 24 Year Old Daughter (With a 6 Mo. Son) to Live Within Her Means.

L.P. asks from Minneapolis

What can we do to impress upon my 24 year old daughter the importance of budgeting and not spending money foolishly. My youngest daughter is 24 year old and has a 6 ...


Need Advice About Rules for 20 Year Old College Student

J.K. asks from Houston

I have a son who turned 20 this past January. He attends the University of Houston. He lives on campus but comes home most weekends and stays at home in the summer....


19 Yr Old Son Won't Study and Won't Listen to What I Say, What Should I Do?

G.R. asks from Las Vegas

My son has a part time job making $8.75/hr. He stays with us so he can finish his college and so we can help him in many ways including car insurance, tel., food and ...


17 And 18 Year Old Children

L.F. asks from Sioux Falls

I am so frustrated! Last week my son graduated from high school. I told him three house rules need to be followed. Rule 1 - call or text us if he is not coming home a...


Splitting Monthly Bills with Hubby

S.H. asks from Huntsville

How do you handle the bills at your house? I work full-time, and right now my husband works part time. I make significantly more than he does (almost twice as muc...