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Car Ride to Wisc Dells with 2 Yr Old

A.S. asks from Minneapolis

My husband and I will be taking our 2 year old to the Wisc Dells in 2 weeks for our first family vacation. Our daughter has never been in the car for more than 40 min...


South Padre

K.K. asks from San Antonio

I'm thinking about a 2-3 day vacation to South Padre during the summer. I want to start planning now. My family and I never been to South Padre and I'm not sure whats...


Vacation/flying with 3 Kids for 1St Time

C.B. asks from St. Louis

Our family is going on vacation in July to California. We have 3 kids that will be flying for the first time, ages 9, 7/12 and will be 9 months by the time we fly. My...


Please Help My Friend Decide

C.S. asks from Los Angeles

my friend will go on a 3-week vacation with her whole family abroad ( husband's side). she foresees that they will be spending each day out and about ( from sun up to...


Disneyland or Bust

N.S. asks from Sacramento

Hello, My family and I are heading down to the magical place on Earth next week. I was hoping anyone had any ideas on travel tips with a 21 month old-girl and ...



J.C. asks from Dallas

I have a 2yo who suffers from eczema. The Dr. has written many Rx that work for some time and then nothing else works. She scratches all the time. I try to keep her s...


Q. On Labor Laws for Salary Workers

J.W. asks from Los Angeles

Hello, I am a mother of two pre-schoolers, but working full-time for a small private company (LLC not an Inc.) in California. Because of my post-graduate degree and ...


My Husband Left Me, What Now?

R.L. asks from San Francisco

My husband left 3 days ago. My mind is in a depressed fog wondering how this even came to be about. I called him yesterday to see if he could come by and we could tal...


Belize It or Not?

A.S. asks from Kansas City

My husband and I have a conundrum. My mother-in-law wants to take a family vacation to Belize for a week in January. She's inviting my sister-in-law & her husband, ...


Overnight Car Trip with 2 Girls Ages 6 and 3

G.T. asks from Boston

Hi all. Would love some tips and advice on a 12 hour car trip! My parents and additional family live in NC where we live in MA. They typically come to see us as ...