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Disneyland Fun

E.B. asks from Grand Junction

We're going to Disneyland this spring for our first "real" family vacation! (Since both of our families live out of state, all of our trips so far have been to visit ...


Any Advice?

C.F. asks from Wichita

I've gotten some great tips and advice thus far - a HUGE thank you to all! We are going on a family vacation to Florida for 10 days and flying for the first time a...


What Absenses Are Excused at Your Kids School??

L.O. asks from Detroit

My daughter will start kindergarden in the fall. MY husband and I were discussing vacations once we have a school age child. I think it is OK to take the child out ...


Seeking Advice on Air Travel, and Disney

B.M. asks from Allentown

Hello All, I am about to go on a family vacation to Disney with my husband and 2 boys (ages 3 and 7 mos). I am nervous about traveling with 2 children (and I HAT...


A Baby and a Beach

M.C. asks from Louisville

We are going on vacation to the beach. This will be the first big family vacation since my husband and I have had children. We have a 3 3/4 year old boy, a just tur...


30Th Birthday Travel

A.D. asks from Dallas

Hello, I am in need of some good ideas for places that me and my husband can travel this summer as gifts to us for turning 30 this year! His birthday is in Februar...


Homework for Kindergarteners... Why?

J.F. asks from Los Angeles

What has been your experience with this? I have a 4 year old daughter who will be going to kindergarten in 2009. (edited for the moms who thought she was going now - ...


Disneyland Advise

T.S. asks from Portland

My son will be 5 in early April, I am trying to decide if I should take him to Disneyland CA for his birthday. It would be my 1st time as well and our 1st family vaca...


Traveling Ideas???

S.D. asks from Burlington

We are taking a vacation and traveling in the car for 27hrs (with stops of course) but my question is we have a 7yr old, 4yr old, and a 20mth old what would you recom...


Advice on DisneyLand

J.F. asks from Oklahoma City

My daghter will be 4 in June and my son just turned 2 so we are thinking about taking a trip to DisneyLand in California this summer because my daughter is really int...