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DisneyLand (California) Vacation Packages

H.K. asks from Houston

Hello, My family and my husbands brothers family would like to travel to California in September to go to DisneyLand for the first time with our children,(we each hav...


Florida or California

S.S. asks from Minneapolis

Ok so I see that everyone seems to be thinking on the same page here. Last night we decided that we wanted to take the kids to either Florida (WDW) or California (WD...


Family Vacation

N.H. asks from Chicago

Growing up you think of all the places and vacation spots you never traveled to but now that you have your own, family and kids, you want to get to get to some of the...


Southern California Vacation

J.W. asks from Seattle

My husband and I are planning a trip from WA to Southern California for April. We are going to Disney, San Diego zoo and possibly sea world and universal studios. We ...


Northern California Vacation

M.P. asks from Dallas

My husband and I are planning a week long vacation to California for our 5th anniversary in November. We are flying into San Francisco and taking the PCH down to LA,...



M.C. asks from Raleigh

Hey Mama's! I'm just wondering what your thoughts are on a vacation situation. See I know a mom who is going on vacation for a week and leaving her two kids (4 yrs....


Tell Me What It's like.....California!

C.C. asks from Houston

Living in California. I can only sit here on this Saturday afternoon dreaming of what it would be like to live there. Not that I ever am gonna move...but I have alw...



C.D. asks from Louisville

ok.. my husband and i would love to take a vacation.. we have a 6 months old.. when we go on vacation she will be 9 months old.. she is going to go with us we just do...


Where to Vacation?

A.H. asks from Dallas

Hi Mommies! I am sure it is not news to you that the economy is rough and is expected to get a little worse this new year. So far, my husband has been fine with his...


Hotels in California...affordable

S.H. asks from Phoenix

My husband and I are looking for cheap rooms in California near the ocean. Our 7 and 11 year old daughters managed to get straight A all year long and we would like t...