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?'S About More than One Baby Shower

T.G. asks from Philadelphia

OK. I wanted to know if it is ok to have a baby shower with each child. I was always told that you don't unless there's a huge gap between children or if it's a diffe...


Baby Shower Gift Ideas

K.A. asks from Medford

I have a friend that is having a baby shower and am looking for some ideas from everyone... I would like to know some ideas from everyone about the best, most useful ...


Baby Shower Cake in DFW Area

E.B. asks from Dallas

I'm hosting a baby shower for my sister, who's expecting her first child in a few months and I'd like to have a REALLY NICE CAKE made for her. I live in Highland V...


Baby Shower Gift Basket

S.S. asks from Washington DC

i need a grand door prize for the baby shower. i want to do a basket but am butting heads with my mom about it. she says make it practical for everyone but its hard b...


Diaper Shower for Second Baby

A. asks from Dallas

Hi ladies, I know I have seen posts on this before, but wanted to get some feedback from you. I am pregnant with our second daughter (our first will be four when ...


Baby Shower Ideas

M.S. asks from Chicago

Ladies, I am having a baby shower for my neighbor. I scheduled it for 1pm. I originally thought to have egg/french toast dishes along with juices/teas because I can m...


K Baby Shower Favors

P.K. asks from New York

Hi ladies. I am having a baby shower at a restaurant for my daughter in law. Centerpieces for tables will be pink tulips. Will have balloons. Some confetti on t...


Meet and Greet Shower After Baby Is Here

A.B. asks from Austin

Everyone was so helpful with my last question I thought I would ask another. My sisters and 2 close friends really wanted to have a shower for our family now that we...


Baby Shower Gift

M.B. asks from Los Angeles

I just started a new job a week ago and was invited to a baby shower for my supervisor and his wife's one-year-old they just adopted. I was just wondering if you may...


Menu Idea for Baby Shower

E.B. asks from Miami

I'm stuck on a menu idea for a Baby Shower. Here's some detail: it's a baby girl, it will be woman only, about 45 people outside in May 1:00pm start time. Here is my ...