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M.N. asks from Chicago

Well, we have gotten to the point where our nursing will stop on Wed. Thank you so much for everyones support and help. She is doing great on breast milk and we fou...


When Will My Milk Stop Coming In? I Haven't Nursed in 10 Months!

H.L. asks from Boise

I stopped nursing my daughter after 6 months due to lack of milk, but even now, 10 months later, I still leak out of one of my breasts. My doctor tells me to wait it ...


Weaning & Mastitis

L.H. asks from Columbia

Ok, I know you can help. I went to my doctor today and he put me on a medication that I can not take while breastfeeding. I knew it was coming so I have been thinki...


Daugher weened...Now What About Me?

J.N. asks from Hartford

Last week I weened my 16 month old daughter and she had no problems with it at all:O) Now my problem is my boobs feel so full(not hurting but FULL)What do I do just ...


Lactating Issues

D.C. asks from Detroit

My cousin just had her first baby on Tues. She has decided not to breast feed. Her brests are giving her a lot of problems as far as pain goes. She said they are swol...


How to Stop Milk Flow

M.H. asks from New York

Hi, My daughter is 7 months old and I have been expressing milk since the beginning, but recently, have been diagnosed with a form of arthritis and now have to tak...


Unable to Breastfeed-looking for Information

T.F. asks from San Antonio

A friend of mine used a product as she was not breastfeeding to "push" the breasts down to aide in drying up the milk-or something along those lines. She cannot recal...


Feeling Engorged After Weaning

N.S. asks from Albuquerque

Hi Moms, So I just weaned my 19 mo old about 4 days ago and now my breasts are engorged and really painful. Does anyone have any advice on how to relieve this? I h...


Trying to Stop Breastfeeding

M.T. asks from Austin

Needing help and yall have always come through. I have decided to stop breastfeeding due to my job and not being able to pump on a regular schedule. I have been worki...


Help! I Can't Stop Lactating!

E.H. asks from Springfield

Hi! I stopped breastfeeding about a year ago. I was a long term breastfeeder. The milk is still there. I have tried leaving them completely alone without stimulation ...