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What Was Your C-section Recovery Like?

J.K. asks from Dallas

How bad was your pain after a c-section? What meds were you sent home with? How long did you need them? How long did it take you to be able to grocery shop, ...


When Does You Period Come Back After C Section?

M.N. asks from Little Rock

I just had c section on June 9th 2017, I had sex with my partner but I stop Half way before he cummed inside me (sorry for the tmi) we didnt even have full intercours...


Itchy C-section Scar with Redness

E.H. asks from St. Louis

I just had my third c-section last week and im realy itchy and sore . The scar itches but i cant tell if its from where they shaved because that itches too ,its very ...


C-section Second Time Around

O.K. asks from Greensboro

I just found out that I am pregnant for the second time! I'm pretty excited but was wondering about the delivery because I had to have a c-section with my first. I ...


Ideas for C-section Care Package

R.G. asks from Milwaukee

My sister will be delivering her first baby via c-section (medically necessary) soon and I'd like to make a care package for her for once she returns home. I'll be o...


Question for Those with Post C-section Body...

S.Y. asks from Pittsburgh

Hello all! :) Sorry to re-post, last time this didn't get up on the board. I am 4 months off of my second c-section, everything healed, great, yada yada. My que...


C-section at Woodwinds Hospital

J.H. asks from Minneapolis

I am most likely going to have a C-Section at Woodwinds due to my baby being footling breech. I am scheduled for a version but may cancel it - I am too nervous. Has a...


Tubal Ligation After C-section

L.M. asks from Lancaster

I am pregnant with my 5th due Aug. 29. I am having my tubes tied. I had a c-section with my 1rst child, and 3 successful vbacs. I am having another Vbac with this bab...


Share You C-section Stories?

G.K. asks from Chicago

I am 23, almost 24 weeks, with twin boys. My water around one of the babies broke a little over two weeks ago and it's been a waiting game since. I'm holding up ver...


Is Anyone Not Scared to Death of a C-section?

M.. asks from St. Louis

Hi Ladies, I am having a c-section very soon. This will be my second one, and I wish I could just relax and be excited to meet my baby, but Im scared as hell. Im ...