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Rash on Baby's Face & Body

C.S. asks from Dallas

My baby has rash all over his body and face (side burn part). Looks red and dry. The pediatrician only recommend vaseline and hydrocortizone 1%. But it comes and go....


Post-baby Acne!!! HELP!

M.H. asks from Dallas

okay i am tired of looking like a thirteen year old...i had acne kind of bad in high school but when i went to college i took better care of myself an got it all work...


DESPERATELY Need Help Finding the Right Facial Cleanser!!!

M.F. asks from Dallas

I have had problems with acne for several years and I have tried EVERYTHING...Mary Kay worked at one time, more recently it was Clinique products. However, since I h...


Rash Spreading on Skin over Weeks Time

J.B. asks from York

A week ago my child had a few spots on her feet which appeared to me to be mosquito bites. So I treated it with Benadryl/Caladryl topical stuff so help relief the it...


Dry Skin

M.M. asks from Pittsburgh

My baby is 3 months old and his skin so so dry! I only bathe him with water once a week and do a sponge bath on him 2x a week to prevent dry skin but it's still dry....


Bi-racial Teenager Help!

H.B. asks from Pittsburgh

I am looking for some names of some good lotions. i have tried everything it is like soon as she puts it on in 10 mins it absorbs and looks awful Dry,ashy. she puts ...


Itchy Hands and Feet??

R.G. asks from Detroit

For the past couple of weeks, my 3 year old son wakes up in the middle of the night scratching the bottoms of his feet and the palms of his hands. He can't sleep bec...


3 Mo Old Son Has Food Allergies

L.G. asks from Philadelphia

Hi moms, I am worried about my young 3 mo old. I'm currently nursing him (no trouble there), but he has a particularly bad case of ezcema on his cheeks... This has b...



D.Q. asks from Green Bay

I posted a couple requests a while back for my daughter's hives. We've been going through this for about a year now. The hives started after a round of antibiotics fo...


Toddler Hair Detangler

J.L. asks from Detroit

Hi Ladies. I'm looking for a good childrens hair detangler. Right now I am using the Suave. It does not work that well for us, I can drench her hair in it and I st...