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Who Should Travel?

S.J. asks from St. Louis

I know I will get a good mix of answers to this question....and I am looking forward to them. When a family has small children (new baby, other smalls at home), do...


To Travel or Not...

A.N. asks from Las Vegas

I am about to start a full time job after freelancing for the last 7 years. Although I did work full time last year (part time before), I belonged to no one and could...


Infant Baby Car Seats.....

L.P. asks from Portland

So I am looking to buy a car seat for my baby girl who will be here soon. I can't seem to find one that is in our price range. There was one that I found at sears and...


Infant Car Seat/ Travel Stroller

J.J. asks from Dallas

Morning Ladies, SO we did our baby registry yesterday, and the travel stroller set we had in mind is a little too heavy for me(I'm 4'11", weughing 100lb). HELP!!! Do...


Holiday Travel with Infant

E.K. asks from New York

Hello, I have an infant who has a pretty good schedule (one long nap mid-day). It has been proven in the past if we deviate from this schedule it is usually hard on...


Car Seat/Booster for Travel

M.R. asks from Miami

I travel a lot with my two girls (3 year and almost 1 year) and I will not put either of my girls in a car (tax included) without proper car seats. The baby is not a...


Infant Car Seat

B.W. asks from Chicago

I need an infant car seat that works well in a compact car. Small car drivers, what do you use? Are there any seats that only work well in larger vehicles?


Infant Car Seat

A. asks from Dallas

Hey, just wondering what infant car seats you mommas recommend for our new baby girl. We will only buy the Britax brand of convertible seat, but wasn't sure what was...


Car Seats After Infant Carseat

M.T. asks from Minneapolis

Hi, Our 10 mo (soon to be 11 mo) old son is growing out of his infant car seat and we're looking for a next one. However, I'm a bit confused. After the infant car s...


Infant Car Seats

C.S. asks from Kansas City

I drive a Honda Fit and am looking for an infant seat right now. I had a Combi infant seat and stroller for my 1st born and hated them both. The car seat didn't fit...