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Selling Our House

Hello, we are planning on selling our house in the next 10 months(hopefully). We bought our current home when we were really young and put no down payment. We plan on listing it 100k over what we owe on it. Whatever profit we make(depending on what it sells for) we would like to use that towards our next house. How does that work though and what are fees and costs that have to be taken out that I need to be aware of. We have never sold a house before.

Buying or Selling

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" Want to Sell My House....HELP"

We are going to sell our house. But, we don't want to pay a realtor a huge amount of our earnings. Has anyone ever sold their house on their own? Is it difficult? Please tell me how the process works. Any info. would be greatly appreciated. Also, any realtors out there...please tell me if going through the real estate program would be a worthwhile thing...I may like to go into real estate... Thanks for any help...I am looking forward to hearing about the whole experience.


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Relocating to Richmond

Hi My husband and I are relocating to Richmond. We have a 2 year old (as of yesterday!) and one due in August. We are looking for the best areas as far as schools and convenience. My husband will be working from an office downtown, but commute is not an issue as long as we are in a good community. We live in Raleigh now and have so much close to us including good schools, family activities, shopping and entertainment. We want to recreate that as much as possible. Does anyone have any helpful information abut places in Richmond to...


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Looking for a House to Rent-Chandler-Gilbert

Hello Ladies! I am looking for a 4 bedroom house to rent in the Chandler Gilbert AZ, Area. If you know of anyone who is trying to rent their house out. I can afford up to $1100/mo. Thank you!