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To Sell or Not to Sell?

Hi all, I'm just looking for some advice from others out there. We (my husband, son, and I) are currently in a small home---2 bedrooms 1 bathroom in the St. Paul area. We bought the home in 2004, and basically, b/c of the poor real estate market right now, we would probably have to sell it for similiar to what we bought it for in '04, and we've put a ton of work into it. :( The problem w/ the house is that it is small. It's fine for us, but when we have visitors--all of our family lives out of state--it's quite cramped. We're being...

Buying or Selling

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He Wants to Sell Our House :/

Backstory: I work full time as home health RN in South Carolina. Husband is a chiropractor who just opened his own practice beginning of the year. We have 3 young daughters. Current: Budget is beyond tight right now and still we are currently short by several hundred dollars a month for bills. We have cut all unnecessaries out including cable, land line, spending money, out to eat, etc. All money goes strictly to mortgage, utilities, student loan, gas, groceries, child care. We live in a great neighborhood in a great school district in a...


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Baby Cover for Infant Carrier?

I'm looking for a warm cover to fit over a infant front carrier and hopefully, the baby while in the stroller. Any suggestions for a reasonably priced one that works well? Thanks for all the suggestions about a car seat cover... I'm really looking for one that fits over a baby bjorn, though. :-) The ones that I've seen on the market just don't seem warm enough for winter... Thanks.


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Daycare and House for Rent...

I just found out my baby's father is cheating on me (AGAIN) I finally decided to leave him only I'm fairly new to the area. If anyone knows of a cheap home for rent in the Irving area (safe neighborhood)and a good day care for my almost 3yr old I really need info. fast


Infant with RSV

I took my 3 month old baby girl to hospital this past Wednesday. They ran a...