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Britax for Newborn?

T.D. asks from Los Angeles

Has anyone used a Britax carseat for a newborn? I am expecting a baby boy in about 4 weeks and I'd love some advice. I already have the Britax Marathon for my daughte...


Do I Trash the Britax or What?

B.C. asks from Dallas

My hubby's truck was rear ended and the britax was in there. We're getting it replaced from the insurance company, so what do I do with the old one? She wasn't in it ...


Britax Boulevard

A.V. asks from Dallas

Wanting to move my little girl to a convertable car seat that goes over 40lbs. any suggestions? I've always heard the Britax were the safest, best car seats to buy....


Opinions on Britax

K.A. asks from Washington DC

My husband and I are looking to purchase a convertible car seat for our son, who is 19.5 lbs, 7 months old. We have heard Britax is the best and we don't mind spendi...


Rental Car- Rent or Bring Carseat?

K.S. asks from Detroit

We are going on vacation in April to Florida and I would like opinions on which is the better option: To rent a carseat or bring ours with. We are flying, so it wou...


Ever Traveled with Your Britax Marathon

D.S. asks from Dallas

This weekend my husband and I are flying to Arkansas with my 14 month old - a little over an hour flight. We are flying Southwest. My husband wants to take his old ...


Whay Do You Think of the Britax Decathlon?

K. asks from Chicago

My third child is almost ready to get out of her carrier. We've had a roundabout and my son is in a marathon. We've loved all of our Britax's, but wonder if the dec...


Which Britax Carseat Is the Best?

K.C. asks from Jacksonville

Hello! Thank you to everyone that helped with my last request. All of your recommendations have convinced me to buy a Britax car seat. Which one is the best? I am...


Britax Marathon and Plane

V.N. asks from Chicago

I have the Britax Marathon car seat and will be flying with my one year old son. Will that car seat fit in a standard plane seat? Is it a tight fit for the neighbor...


Britax Advocate Vs. Britax Marathon - Convertable Car Seat

S.G. asks from Los Angeles

Hi. I just bought 2 britax advocate convertable car seats for my twins. They arrived at the house and they are HUGE! I am so worried that they wont fit in our mini va...