Bullying: Preschooler, Puppets

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My 4-Year-old Constantly Wants Me to Play with Her: Advice?

M.B. asks from Chicago

Hi, Just wondering how other moms have responded to their young kids when they want you to play with them. Lately my 4-year-old daughter is constantly asking me to...


How to Throw a 3 Year Old a Birthday Party?

K.S. asks from Portland

I don't know how to throw my daughter her 3 year party (October 25th). The last two years have been close family only, and I was fine with that. But since my B-day ...


How to Further Challenge My Gifted 3 Year Old

N.J. asks from Chicago

My daughter is 3 years old and is very gifted in the area of letters and reading. Before she turned 2 years old she surprised one day. She pointed to a letter in a ...


Craft Project for 3 Year Old

M.T. asks from San Francisco

Please let me know what kind of craft projects can i do with a 3 year old son and a daughter?


Baby #2 Due in 3 Weeks- How to Talk to 3 Year Old About Being in the Hospital

S.B. asks from San Francisco

Hello. I am due to have my second baby in about 3 weeks and have been trying to figure out a the best way to tell my 3 year old daughter that I will be in the hospi...


Separation Anxiety for a 3 Year Old???

J.K. asks from Denver

I have a 3 year old little girl who I think at one time might have adjusted well if I had not coddled her to much. How ever I did and now I seem to be paying for it. ...


Help My Almost 3 Year Old Son Is a Bully!

M.S. asks from Saginaw

So my best friend and I get together once a week with our children(mine: son almost 3, daughter 5 months) (hers: daughter 4, son almost 3, son 1) for a play date. Wit...


3 Year Old Daughter Acting Out After New Baby

S.P. asks from San Diego

I think my daughter is finally showing signs after having a new baby 4 months ago. She is showing aggressive behavior, acting out, talking back and saying she's the ...


Birthday Present for 4 Yo Girl

J.T. asks from Merced

Hi, I'm in the midst of trying to find a present for my friend's daughter who will be turning 4 years old this summer. Her daughter loves dresses, princesses, barbi...


Need New Ideas for Playing Indoors with My 3-Year-old

R.H. asks from Dallas

I'm all out of ideas for playing with my 3-year-old. We color (with crayons and with markers) and we do puzzles and we play legos. That's it. Could you share with ...