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Wedding on a Budget!?

A.D. asks from Dallas

We are planning an outdoor wedding for May and we are on a strict budget. I was wondering if anyone has any ideas on how to plan a beautiful unique wedding for cheap....


Home Budget

B.T. asks from San Antonio

Hey Mom's. I am a single full-time working mom and doing ok. However, I know that I can budget better. I know that this will sound stupid, but how do it do it? Are th...


Need to Budget!

M.A. asks from Denver

Hi there. I'm looking for some advise for a family budget. My husband and I both work and more than anything I want to be a stay at home mom. For years I have been...


Budget Website

C. asks from Denver

Hi, I am now on a "fixed income" due to a change in marital status. I want to stretch each dollar as far as possible. I am in need of some good budget websites tha...


Photographer...on A Budget!!

C.H. asks from Dallas

I need suggestions for a wedding photographer...but we are on a budget, so finding one is NOT easy. I don't want anything over the top or super fancy. I really just w...


Painting on a Budget

T.M. asks from Dallas

We're wanting to paint our living room and hallways. We'll need quite a bit of paint and are on a very tight budget. We've always gotten our paint from Home Depot, ...


Budget Help!

K.H. asks from Wichita Falls

Mu husband and are first time homebuyers, newly married, and new parents. We have no credit cards and only one car payment. However, we can't manage to stay ahead, ei...


Budget Ideas

C.Z. asks from Sioux City

Hi mommas, Ok so my bf just got a job so it is not all up to me anymore. I am so happy! Here is the delema, I have this fear that we will blow money because we h...


Monthly Budget

C.S. asks from Milwaukee

After a year of unemployment I have found work and am making decent money. My question is why is it we still have no $$ at the end of the month for anything other th...


Budget Advice

R.D. asks from Houston

Hi Moms. I know we are all feeling the pinch with the increase in prices in EVERYTHING, however I was specifically wondering if any of you have have survived on abou...