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Birthday-on-a-Budget Ideas for 7Yr-old Girls

M.B. asks from Little Rock

I need creative ideas for my 7yr-old twin girls' birthday party--keeping BUDGET in mind. HELP!! :-)


Gift Ideas on a Budget

A.C. asks from Canton

I have a simple request today - I have a friend with a one year old baby girl. My friend and her husband have been together for a long time - and they live in a diff...


Book Clubs and Budget Tips

K.H. asks from Chicago

Hi Moms, I have a 2 part qustion. First question I am a 47 year old mom of a nine year old looking for a book club in or around the Oak park , il area I love to re...


I Need Help with a Budget for Food!!

A.B. asks from Omaha

Ok, so I have 4 people in my family my husband and 2 boys 4 years and almost 2 years. Well my husband is starting to get really cheap cause we started a money market ...


Bra Makeover on a Budget

D.D. asks from Kansas City

Okay, just finished breastfeeding (for the third time) and I have no bras that fit. I'm not quite back to my goal weight so I don't want to spend a bundle. Any sugg...


Gift Ideas for Hubby on a Budget

❤.M. asks from Los Angeles

What can I get for my hubby for Christmas that costs next to nothing? I don't want to do coupons for things. I've done that in the past and want to come up w/some...


Wow! Just Did the Budget...

L.D. asks from Albuquerque

I knew we were in deep, but when I actually sat down to do that math reality hit!. I have thought of cutting the internet, home phone, cable and cell phone just to ca...


Speaking of Eating Organic - and Budget

T.K. asks from Dallas

I've been really trying to be more mindful of what we eat. I watch out for the whole dirty dozen when I can. I do the vinegar wash on everything. I try to buy organ...


Is It Possible on a Very Low Budget??

A.C. asks from Pittsburgh

My husband and I would love to eat healthy, but it seems like healthy food is incredibly expensive! With me not working (because of my 6 month old), things are extre...


Setting Chrismas Budget

K.W. asks from Springfield

I haven't seen to many grandma's on here, but needing advise on Christmas giving. I am needing to cut back this year on what I do for ALL my family. Now that I have g...