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Need Advice for Great Shopping Places on a Budget.

A.C. asks from San Diego

I'm a mom of 2 who has devoted my life to my kids. However, I'm in desperate need to take care of myself again. I haven't worn make-up in months, no jewelry, same clo...


School Budget, Fundraisers and So Much WASTE!!!

S.M. asks from Minneapolis

This totally drives me crazy and I wonder if other schools do this too. This is half questions and half rant. I understand that schools need to do fundraiser occasi...


Shabby Chic on a Budget.

S.S. asks from Cincinnati

ok so I LOVE to decorate, when I had my son i had so much fun planning his room (I espcially love how the walls turned out. they are sky blue with clouds all over the...


How Do You Build a Decent Wardrobe with a Tight Budget?

K.B. asks from Salt Lake City

I was looking at my wardrobe the other day and my how I could use some new items -something w/color, pizzazz, even some new basic brown and black pants would be nice....


Looking for Any Tips to Plan Great Wedding on a Tight Budget

K.K. asks from Dallas

Hey Mamas, I am looking for any ideas, suggestions, and the like on planning a wedding on a tight budget. Any tricks, places, ANY thing you know I would love for you...


About to Be a SAHM Need Budget Advice...

J.D. asks from Dallas

We are going down to one income. I am trying to find ways to either save money or get the most for my dollar. I have found several things that have been useful: ...


Budget-Friendly Fall Fashion Staples

S.S. asks from Los Angeles

Hi all, I'm on a tight budget but am tired of walking around looking completely unfashionable. Most days, I just wear things from Target and seriously, that is just ...


Budget for Buying for Kid You Don't Know and Help deciding...christmas Giving

J.K. asks from Mansfield

Hi, we decided as a family to "adopt" a child to buy christmas presents for from a program called ark angles at church. We picked a 4 year old girl because that is th...


1St Birthday at Park on a Budget

C.S. asks from Miami

I am having my son's 1st birthday party at a park. The theme is mickey mouse clubhouse. We plan on renting a bouce house. Any suggestions on where to rent one? Also, ...


I Really Need Help with Our Budget, Simple Ideas ,Please

J.D. asks from Burlington

Hi, I am in charge of the budget in our household for a family of 5. I actually do a good job for the most part but am lacking largely in a big part of it. I'm not s...