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Need Help Finding a Good Crib

K.L. asks from New London

Hello. I'm trying to find a good quality convertible (either 3-in-1 or 4-in-1) crib that cost less than $300.00. Any ideas? My husband likes the Simplicity Ellis at T...


Is It Me or Is Online Bill Paying Harder than Writing Checks?

A.J. asks from Williamsport

After years of procrastination and intimidation I finally set up our bills to be paid online-the ones that could be anyway. The first few months were rocky but I f...


Best Vacuum?

B.D. asks from Dallas

I am in the market for a new vacuum. I want a Dyson, but my budget does not. What is the next best thing to a Dyson?


Really Strange Budgeting Question

K.R. asks from Springfield

Has there been anyone who has followed a super strict budget plan and regretted it? I know this sounds like a strange question, but I am just curious if there are an...


Valentine Gift Idea for HIM?? Any Thoughts? I Need Your Help...

T.A. asks from Washington DC

Help! I am in need of a Valentine gift/idea for my significant other. I am low on funds and want to do something he can remember for a long time.. Any ideas ladies?? ...


Should We Have 3?

L.E. asks from San Francisco

I know it's crazy to put on a blog-- but my husband and I are concerned of what three kids might mean to our lifestyle and budget and yet we are wondering if there is...


Need Any and All Wedding Ideas!

M.T. asks from Phoenix

Hello! My sister is getting married and I am helping her with the wedding; it's been a while since I've been to a wedding and was wondering if any mamas out there can...


I Need Some Ideas for Christmas Gifts for My Sons Teachers and His Therapist!

C.M. asks from Baton Rouge

I would like to give a gift to my childs teacher and his therapist for Christmas. My only problem is he has 1 teacher, 2 teachers aides, 4 therapist at his school an...


Looking for Recommendation for Renting a Bounce House in Carrollton

M.H. asks from Dallas

I have 3 kiddos with Bdays this month. NO it wasn't planned! I was hoping to be able to afford a combined party at Pump it Up but I don't think that's in the budget...


Invited to B-day Party for 4 Kids

P.S. asks from Washington DC

Hi! We were invited to a birthday party for 4 siblings ranging from 13-8 years old. I only know 2 of the children (they were in my Sunday School class), and my dau...