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What Should I Take with Me on My Vacation to Florida for My Baby?

I'm taking a one week trip with my best friend to Florida to visit her dad's next month. I'm taking my 6 month old daughter with me on the plane. I was just wondering what all I should bring/ pack for her? I think I'm only allowed two luggage's, but is my baby allowed any? I want to bring a suitcase for me, her pack and play (it folds up into a bag), and then her travel system stroller and car seat since I have to have the car seat and we'll be going to the mall and to amusement parks a lot so I really need the stroller. And then as my...


Baby Gear Confusion!

Hi there, I'm a first-time expecting mom. I feel completely clueless as to...


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Double Stroller vs Snugli Type Carrier

I am due to have my 4th child on July 3rd and am trying to figure out what form of "transportation" I want to use for the mall or park or walks etc. My youngest is going to be 22 months when this baby is born. I would like to know everyones opinions on which is better - using a Graco front to back double stroller (it would need to accomodate my Graco Snug Ride car seat) or putting the baby in a front style carrier and putting "big" sister in the stroller. My concern with having my 22 mo old walk is that she has hit this phase of wanting...


What Do to About Job

I have been back to work full-time now for about 1 1/2 years and I really...