Budget: Baby Bjorn

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Shopping for a Good Baby Carrier

S.S. asks from Sacramento

I am about to have baby #2 and was told that a "must have" is a front carrier for the new baby. Since there are SOOO many choices out there I was looking for some adv...


Recommend Your Baby Sling/wrap

L.K. asks from Boise

We're due with our second child this summer and with our first I used a Baby Bjorn but it really hurt my back. I'm wondering if there are other, more comfortable ways...


Baby Gear Confusion!

C.R. asks from Washington DC

Hi there, I'm a first-time expecting mom. I feel completely clueless as to what "equipment" i need to buy. I assume I need something to carry the baby in, something ...


Best Infant Sling for Short Moms

M.M. asks from Los Angeles

I'm about to have my second baby any day and am looking for a recommendation on the best sling or wrap-type carrier (not a basic Baby Bjorn-type front carrier) to use...


Double Stroller Advice

M.S. asks from Philadelphia

My husband daughter an I have looked at what feels like a million double strollers over the past 2 months, but we have yet to find one that we really like or that fit...


Baby Supplies - What Saved You Money and Time

C.Z. asks from Omaha

i know this question was asked not long ago and was somewhat different. I am going to my SIL baby shower in November and I am wondering what would save her the mo...


Seeking Recommendations for Double Strollers

D. asks from Chicago

Hey Mamas, I am looking for advice on double strollers. I am pregnant with my second due in August and my first will only be 1 yr 8mths so i will definitely need a d...


Help for a Working Mom

D.C. asks from Fresno

I need some help from all of you organized moms out there. I am a first time mom of a 5 1/2 month old beautiful little boy. I just started back to work part time 3 ...


Potty Chairs Vs. Potty Seat

B.B. asks from Dallas

I was shocked when my 18 month old son became very interested in sitting on the toilet a couple weeks ago. I was even more shocked when he even started to go potty w...


New Born Public Transportation in New York City.

M.S. asks from New York

I don't have a car and will have to rely on public transportation (bus, taxi, subway)to transport with my new born baby due in August. What is the best gear to buy?...