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I Am Am Boggled - Please Help Me Get a List Together of the Basic Big Ticket Ite

J.R. asks from Dallas

Hello! Going to the store is boggling! There are SO many things that I am not sure exactly what we need.. and is it ok to get them at consighnment stores? Here...


Picking a Formula

A.N. asks from San Francisco

So, I breastfeed my daughter right now but I would like to give her some half formula half breastmilk bottles before bedtime. Is there a formula that tastes more like...


Baby Shower & Registry..

K.L. asks from Portland

Hello~ I am trying to register for my baby shower & figure out all of the necessary items we will be needing for our daughter. Money has been very tight lately, due t...


Going to Have to Give up Breast Feeding:(

C.H. asks from Des Moines

I quess its time to return to the working world. Noahs three months old and I cant stay home anymore. I cant afford to try and start one of those work at home jobs an...


Formula Brand Suggestions for 6 Month Old Breastfed Baby

R.K. asks from Minneapolis

My 6 month old son is currently breastfed. We are having issues with reoccuring biting and refusal to take a bottle. I am starting up school in the fall with a full s...


Cereal in Bottle for 6 Week Old

A.U. asks from Detroit

Our Pediatrician suspects that my almost 6 week old has "silent reflux" .. She is very very fussy with crazy crying spells all day. Today when I had my oldest there ...


Questions About Breast Pumps

H.S. asks from San Diego

I have a lot of questions about breat pumps. I will have to return to work about 6 weeks after having my baby so I will need to pump my breastmilk. I have heard that ...



C.S. asks from Pittsburgh

Hello Moms!! I am seeking advice on a couple of things. I have a 2 1/2 year old son and I am expecting my second around the first of April. I breastfed my first so...


Breast Pumps

R.V. asks from St. Louis

Can someone please recommend a breast pump for a beginning mother who has never done this before? My daughter is going to try breastfeeding with the new baby but she...


Mom of 6 Month Old Pumping at Work: New Pumping Schedule, Too Much to Ask?

K.L. asks from Minneapolis

My pumping schedule at work is changing and I need to make a decision on what I want to do. Previously I had been given two 30 minute chunks of time (my day at work ...