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Jff What Type of Pjs Do Husbands Wear to Bed

M.H. asks from Madison

That was a fun question about what us ladies wear to bed. So what type of PJs do the husbands wear to bed? We must not have much of a PJ budget in our family b/c we...


Athletic Shoes

M.D. asks from Dallas

Hi. I attend Jazzercize, and lately I have begun running a couple times a week. I really need to get new tennis shoes, as the ones I use now are sketchers and are n...


OH! And Jogging Shoes!

J.M. asks from Chattanooga

I want to start running... To do so I will need to buy new shoes. (currently, I wear flats that are worn down with holes in them... so I need new shoes anyway!) I ...


Disappointed in My Husband = How Would You Feel About This?

M.M. asks from Los Angeles

My in-laws for Christmas gave my husband and I gift cards of $200.00 a piece. My husband and I have been on a major budget so he commented that we should use them nex...


Where Do Your Tween Girls like to Shop?

J.C. asks from New York

As a follow up to my Justice question - where does your tween shop for clothes? My daughter is actually phasing out of the frilly stuff and likes comfy sporty type c...


Athletic Shoes

B.W. asks from Washington DC

Can anyone recommend a quality cross trainer/athletic shoe? I am doing the Turbo Fire workout which is quite intense and I realized my shoes are probably not the bes...


Need Advice on 40Th Anniv. Gift HELP

C.E. asks from Las Vegas

Hi!! I need advice on what to get my inlaws for their 40th wedding anniversary. I cannot for the life of me come up with anything. We do not have alot of money b...


Clothing and Shoe Thoughts

D.L. asks from Columbus

Hi Moms! Clothing and shoe questions. With school starting back up soon, I was just curious as to what some of you feel are wardrobe staples for your grade-schooler...


Is 8 Years Old Too Young for Deodorant?

J.K. asks from Charlotte

My 8 year old niece is getting a little smelly under the arms. With summer getting near and her playing softball, my Sister in Law and I are wondering if she is too ...


13 Year Old Birthday Present

M.G. asks from Kansas City

Hello, My son is turning 13 and he is REALLY into video games. He has a computer and a Nintendo DS. We have asked him to give us a wish list with things other than...