Bronchiolitis: Toddler

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K.O. asks from New York

Hi moms- My 5 month old had developed bronchiolitis. She is really stuffy and keeps coughing. As a result she's not sleeping well. I know that it's a virus and we m...


2 1/2 Month Old with Bronchiolitis

M.T. asks from Oklahoma City

I'm not sure if I spelled it right, but we took my 2 month old to the doctor with a very bad cold and cough. He said she had bronchiolitis. Can anyone tell me what I ...


23 Month Old Sick for a Long Time...

R.B. asks from Louisville

My 23 month old son started day care about a month and a half ago. He has been sick since the first week there. It started with Mild fever, cold, runny/stuffy nose, p...


What to Give to a Coughing 14 Month Old?

R.J. asks from Las Vegas

My son is recovering from viral bronchiolitis. We have him on antibiotics, and are doing breathing treatments with albuterol 3 times a day. My question is does anyone...


6 Month Old with RSV

N.B. asks from Detroit

Ok. I always feel kind of silly asking questions, it almost feels like I should know this stuff, and in this case I'm looking for anyone that has been through it/goi...


Sick 6 Month Old!

A.J. asks from Chicago

My poor 6 mo daughter has a nasty cold. I'm not sure where she got it from, but I just heard that her 8 mo cousin is also sick and we spent a lot of time together 2 ...


Need Advise on How to Discipline a 1 Year Old Who Has Tantrums

D.R. asks from New York

Looking for advise from mothers who have had similar situations. My son just turned One a little under a week ago. I noticed he has these tantrums when he is put in t...


Asthma in 7-Month-Old?

D.M. asks from Dallas

My son is 7 months old. At birth, he aspirated meconium and had a pneumothorax. He was in the NICU for a week. This winter he has had wheezing twice where you can...


Immunity Booster for 14 Month Old

B.H. asks from Seattle

I have a 14 month old son, Who is constantly sick. He had RSV as an infant, and so every cold turns into weezy, and chest congestion, or ear infections that go on for...


Sick 2 Month Old.

A.S. asks from Phoenix

Hello all.. first time asking for advise. I have a two month old son. (my 1st week back to work and it's horrible) He's come down with a cold. He has a cough. No r...