Bronchiolitis: Steroids

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Pulmicort - Steroids for Asthma/Lung Issues

D.G. asks from Detroit

Do any of you have children who have taken Pulmicort or another steroid for asthma/lung issues. My son was born 3 months premature and therefore had immature lungs. ...


Does This Sound like Asthma?

M.Q. asks from Los Angeles

My 3 y/o Bianca spent most of her first year and a half constantly fighting upper respiratory infections, viruses and all the goodies that come with all that. She's ...


Breathing Issues with My 2 Year Old

H.W. asks from Atlanta

My son just turned 2 and we are having major breathing issues. When he was 4 months old, we were told he had a mild case of RSV. After that he has had bronchiolitis...


So Frustrated with Pediatrician! -Edited Last Time...

M.H. asks from Los Angeles

A little background, took my daughter to the ER the other night due to wheezing that wouldn't go away, they diagnosed her with Reactive Airway Disease. Gave her stero...


Pulmicort/steroid Inhalers for 2 Year Old

K.T. asks from Minneapolis

My son just turned 2 on Saturday, and has yet another URI with fever and wheezing and his lungs are retracting again. I took him to the doctor this morning and he was...


Seeking Advice for My 2 Yr Old Diagnosed with Asthma

L.P. asks from New York

Hi Moms: I am hoping that there is a mom out there that can relate to what I am going through with my little boy. On his 2nd birthday (10/11) he started with a coug...


My Baby Has Asthma - UPDATE

S.M. asks from Los Angeles

My son had bronchiolitis when he was three months old, then it turned into asthma. Once he gets a cold, he starts coughing and then wheezing. So I have to give him ...


6Mo Son Has Had Congested Cough for Months

C.S. asks from Tulsa

Hi, my now 6 month old son has this congested cough that he has been carrying for a couple months. I've gon through the nebulizer, donatussing, otc remedies, and we ...


When Did Your Child Stop Getting Sick So Often?

K.T. asks from Minneapolis

I just responded to another post which I will copy and paste to help explain.... "My son is going through the same thing. Last October [when he first started dayca...


Infant Inhaler

J.B. asks from Indianapolis

My 8 month old daughter was just diagnosed with viral induced asthma and was given an infant inhaler to use twice a day. The medication she was put on is called Flo V...