Broken Bones & Sprains: Toddler

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Opinions on MMR Vaccine for 1 Year Old Boys

E.K. asks from New York

Hi, I have been doing tons of research about the MMR vaccine that is due for my son's 1 year check up. As everyone is aware there is a lot of speculation that it is...


1 Year Old with Broken Collar Bone and Fractured Skull

A.D. asks from Springfield

My husband was carrying our 1 year old daughter when he tripped on a piece of sidewalk chalk and they both fell. Our daughter showed no external sign of injury. No ...


My 13 Month Daughter Is Ready for a Car Seat... Need Some Advice

C.M. asks from Philadelphia

There are many different car seats to choose from I get so confused. When my boys were little (14 years ago) it seemed easier. How do I know which one is the best? ...


1 Year Old and Jumping on Furniture.

M.P. asks from Minneapolis

My son is 14 months old. he has learned to climb on the couches and chairs. He is not content with just sitting on them, he jumps like a maniac. He has fallen over th...


When Should I Use a Forward Facing Car Seat for My 11 Month Old?

H.J. asks from Dallas

I think we are almost ready to use a forward facing carseat. My son weighs 21 lbs. 13 oz. He is 11 months old. I have read that you can use a forward facing carseat a...


My 23 Month Old Gets Hysterical Everytime Seeing My Brother

K.S. asks from New York

My 23 month old little girl cries HYSTERICALLY every time she sees my brother. This started @ about 11 months. It had got so much worse. Easter at my Moms house to...


Help with a Broken Arm

M.W. asks from Nashville

My two & 1/2 yr old daughter broke her arm last Wed. :( The cast will be on for over 8 weeks! We are having a hard time with bathtime and also finding warm clothes th...


10 Month Old Hurt Leg

K.Z. asks from Denver

Hi mamas! So a little over a week ago my 10 month old fell down the stairs (about 5-6). He cried and then seemed OK. The next day I noticed that he was not beari...


How Much Milk Should My 17 Month Old Be Drinking?

R.D. asks from Richmond

My 17 month old son drinks a full cup of milk first thing in the morning, and a full cup last thing in the evening before bed. The rest of the day, he prefers to s...


28 Month Old Limping

R.K. asks from Springfield

My 28 month old starting limping and is now walking on the outside of his right foot instead of putting his foot flat. The on call nurse told me to give it til tomor...