Broken Bones & Sprains: Preschooler

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4 Year Old with Broken Leg

H.F. asks from San Francisco

My 4 year old son fractured a bone in his foot and cannot bear wieght for 5 to 6 weeks. We are on day 4 and he is going a little stir crazy. I need ideas for activi...


Ideas for Keeping a 4 Year Old on the Couch After Surgery?

J.B. asks from Philadelphia

My 4-year old son is having surgery on his foot next week. For it to heal properly, he'll be in a cast for 6 weeks. For the first 3 weeks, he is not supposed to put...


Ideas for 4 Year Old with Broken Leg??

L. asks from Minneapolis

Hi Moms, My almost 4 year old broke his leg yesterday and I am looking for great ideas to keep him busy and keep my sanity while he is TOTALLY out of commission for...


2 Year Old with Broken Leg ... Help?!?

L.R. asks from Chicago

Last night I received a phone call from my son's child care. Apparently he tripped and another little boy stepped on his leg. He wouldn't let anyone stand him up. I ...


Seeking Ideas for Keeping 3 Year Old in Arm Cast Entertained

B.B. asks from Austin

Our 3 1/2 year old broke his arm near the elbow and is in a full arm cast. The pediatric orthopedist gave us a list of things our son cannot do while in the cast for...


Games for a 2 & 4 Year Old

S.K. asks from Denver

What are some good board games that a 2 year old could play with us. So far we have candy land, memory, dvd bingo and thats about it. I would really like to get more...


Daycare Failed to Call or Report an Incident and Child Had Broken Arm

B.H. asks from Washington DC

Hi, my 13 month old had her first week in a highly recommended daycare. Her teacher is very young, but seemed nice. My mom picks her up from daycare at 4, so she is...


Birthday Party for 4 Yr Old Girl with Broken Arm in McKinney

C. asks from Dallas

On the very day I called to rent a water slide for my daughter's 4th birthday party, she fell and broke her arm. Now, I'm at a loss about her party - no water, no ju...


Broken Leg Activities

C.D. asks from Dallas

My poor baby Zeke broke his leg today, so needless to say he is stuck on the couch for then next few weeks, what are some sitting/laying down activities that we can d...


Should I Postpone Potty Training My Son Because He Has a Broken Arm?

C.D. asks from Allentown

My 3 year old DS isn't potty trained yet. He goes to Daycare 3 days a week (M-W-F) and will sit on the potty there and even use it for #1 and #2 - thing is he won't ...