Broken Bones & Sprains: Myself

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Broken Arm :(

C.B. asks from Kansas City

wow i did not think i'd have to deal with this so soon. my almost-5 year old (meaning - HE'S ONLY FOUR!!) fell off the top of a swingset (the ones with the little clu...


Broken Bone

V.B. asks from San Luis Obispo

My Daughter broke her collar bone about 2 weeks ago and seems to be fine now! This is her first broken bone (I have never borken anything!)It is crazy to me that she ...


Rules of a Broken Arm

T.D. asks from Springfield

judging me for asking what other mothers want to know is rude. period. the question was IS IT NORMAL FOR MOM TO HAVE TO SUPERVISE THE CHILD EVERY MOVEMENT WITH A SIM...


2 Year Old with Broken Leg ... Help?!?

L.R. asks from Chicago

Last night I received a phone call from my son's child care. Apparently he tripped and another little boy stepped on his leg. He wouldn't let anyone stand him up. I ...


How to Tell If Broken Bone in Toddler's Foot?

M.M. asks from Green Bay

Last Saturday, 4 days ago, my 2-1/2 year old fell over on a barstool & it must have landed on the middle of her foot, as it puffed up & looked bruised right away. We ...


Sprain That Won't Heal....

S.K. asks from Kansas City

I did something to my ankle and don't even know what. I researched stress fractures when the pain lasted a month. Everything I read said they don't show up early on...


Broken Leg...

C.T. asks from Gainesville

Hello My name is C. I am a mom of a VERY active 2 and a half yr old. Probblem He broke his leg during a simple fall today and will be laid up for at least a week to w...


Birthday Party for 4 Yr Old Girl with Broken Arm in McKinney

C. asks from Dallas

On the very day I called to rent a water slide for my daughter's 4th birthday party, she fell and broke her arm. Now, I'm at a loss about her party - no water, no ju...


Broken Arm at Daycare

P.R. asks from New York

My 22 month daughter recently fell and broke her arm while at daycare. I found out she has a lateral condyle fracture, which I believe means she broke her elbow. Sh...


Helping My Son with a Broken Arm

B.S. asks from Atlanta

My 12 yr old son brok his arm yesterday between the elbow and shoulder. They 'set' it today and he will be in a splint & sling for somewhere between 6 weeks and 3 mos...