Broken Bones & Sprains: Infant

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Broken Arm :(

C.B. asks from Kansas City

wow i did not think i'd have to deal with this so soon. my almost-5 year old (meaning - HE'S ONLY FOUR!!) fell off the top of a swingset (the ones with the little clu...


2 Year Old with Broken Leg ... Help?!?

L.R. asks from Chicago

Last night I received a phone call from my son's child care. Apparently he tripped and another little boy stepped on his leg. He wouldn't let anyone stand him up. I ...


2 1/2 Year Old with Broken Leg ( Fibula and Tibia )

A.U. asks from Detroit

Hi..Saturday my 2 1/2 year old very active daughter broke both lower bones in her left leg ..fibula and tibia...little above the ankle. We were transferred to Childr...


Fun Things for 5 Yr Old with Broken Leg

A.S. asks from Philadelphia

My 5 year old broke his leg and has about 3 wks left in his cast. He is primarly wheelchair bound and i am racking my brain thinking of things to get us out of the ...


Broken Leg...

C.T. asks from Gainesville

Hello My name is C. I am a mom of a VERY active 2 and a half yr old. Probblem He broke his leg during a simple fall today and will be laid up for at least a week to w...


Daycare Failed to Call or Report an Incident and Child Had Broken Arm

B.H. asks from Washington DC

Hi, my 13 month old had her first week in a highly recommended daycare. Her teacher is very young, but seemed nice. My mom picks her up from daycare at 4, so she is...


Broken Arm, Nursemaids Elbow

C.A. asks from Milwaukee

My 2.5 yr. old is susceptible to Nursemaid's Elbow (doesn't take much for it to dislocate). She's dislocated her elbow about 3 times in the last 6 months. So when day...


Helping My Son with a Broken Arm

B.S. asks from Atlanta

My 12 yr old son brok his arm yesterday between the elbow and shoulder. They 'set' it today and he will be in a splint & sling for somewhere between 6 weeks and 3 mos...



J.M. asks from San Francisco

Please help .... Iv taken my baby girl to the hospital twiced this week only to be told the same thing nothing is wrong with her, she is 16 month old and a healthy ba...