Bringing Baby Home: Toddler, Munchkin

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Need Advise on How to Discipline a 1 Year Old Who Has Tantrums

Looking for advise from mothers who have had similar situations. My son just turned One a little under a week ago. I noticed he has these tantrums when he is put in the highchair and does not want to stay in it, when he gets put in the swing, when he wants what you are eating, or at night if I don't get him a bottle fast enough. The tantrums are not limited to the situations stated, but they mainly happen throughout these times. When in the highchair, he will thrash around and start screaming and crying. In the swing he will hold his body...

Car Seats

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How to Remove Vomit Smell from Car Seat???

howdy, thanx for your input on how to remove vomit and it's delightful aroma from our britax car seat. can you easily remove the cover? how about washing the seatbelt? i appreciate your advice asap... baby lost her lunch yesterday (and of course, did not have change of clothing-but that's another story!).