Bringing Baby Home: Toddler, First Years

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20 Month Old Son Still Sleeping in Our Bed...

I know I may get some real honest opinions on here but maybe thats what I need. Our son has basically slept with us since the day he came home from the hospital-with the exception of hime being in the bassinet or pack and play when he was really tiny. He is now 20 months old and still sleeps in our bed. My MIL keeps telling me to not let him, that he needs his own bed (which he has), etc... Problem is I have no issues with him being in the bed. I thik it's more me than him! I hear all different things from both sides- they will be co...

Car Seats

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Car Seat ?

My son is 11 months and weighs about 22 pounds, woould it be okay to turn him around.I know you are supposed to wait until they are one and at least twenty pounds but he is really hating his car seat now and he looks a little silly being that big facing rear.He is crawling and has taken a few steps so he seems strong enough.Any thought would be appreciated.thanks