Bringing Baby Home: Toddler, Ergo

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8 Month Old Weened Himself

I just got back from visiting our family 2000 miles away. My 8 month old had a hard time adjusting to everything and immediately refused to nurse within the first day. I had to pump milk to feed him for the entire week. My Aunt (a doctor) said not to worry that he would most likely go back to nursing when we got home. He's not. He screams and cries when I try to breastfeed. I'm having to do half breastmilk, half formula because my milk supply is depleting. I have a freezer with some milk left for emergency backup but it won't last long. So...


Twins & a Toddler

I am 21 weeks pregnant with twins (will not find out sex), and I have a 14...

Car Seats

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Car Seat Issues

My friend has a 5 month old son who crys every time he is in his car seat. He is fine for the first few minutes but then works his way up to a cry. He even does this in the stroller. She knows that his diaper is clean, that he is fed and that he is not tired. She has tried to put him in while he is sleeping and it works well until he wakes up. Any ideas? It amazes her that my son who is 3 months old loves his car seat and doesn't mind a stroller or a ride in the car.


Car Seat Delima!

Hi mamas, my husband and I are struggling with what kind of car seat to get,...