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Toddler Unbuckling Herself from Booster Seat

Hi, My 2 year old (36" tall, 39 pounds) is in a booster seat now and has been for a couple of months. Our seat belts are the kind which you press on the top and it unbuckles. She figured it out the other day and unbuckled herself. Thankfully we noticed right away. Then the next day, she reached over and unbuckled her four year old sister (same size as her - also in a booster seat). My four year old started crying cause she knows that is NOT okay to be unbuckled and we pulled over and fixed it. My question is, does anyone know of...


Cloth Diaper Help!

I'm reposting my question to see if I can get any help with cloth diaper...

Car Seats

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Car Seat ?

My son is 11 months and weighs about 22 pounds, woould it be okay to turn him around.I know you are supposed to wait until they are one and at least twenty pounds but he is really hating his car seat now and he looks a little silly being that big facing rear.He is crawling and has taken a few steps so he seems strong enough.Any thought would be appreciated.thanks