Bringing Baby Home: Princess

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How Long After Birth....

J.S. asks from Springfield

How long after birth is your period supposed to start again? The bleeding stopped after four weeks, and I haven't had a period since then. My daughter was born almost...


Birth and Family/ Visitors

K.W. asks from Los Angeles

I'm due with my third next month. We want some one to watch the kids while I'm in labor and the days following. All of our family lives about a day's drive away. M...


Deciding Whether or Not to Have Daughter Visit New Sibling at hospital...HELP!

M.S. asks from Eugene

We are being induced with our second child on Friday. We have a 21 mo. old daughter who is quite attached to mommy these days, and we are trying to decide if it is be...


Mom Wondering If Anyone Else Felt Overly Anxious After the Birth of Their First

A.J. asks from Melbourne

Hello to all... Just gave birth to a beautiful healthy boy 3 weeks ago. Since then I've been struck with anxiety and just recently feelings of depression. I'm really...


Stillborn - Miscarraige - 7 Year Old at Home

S.J. asks from Houston

Hi everyone, It has taken me a few weeks to be able to write this, and after I'm done you'll understand. I lost my son, Marc Aaron to the angels on January 15th, 20...


Unique Idea for 7-Year Old's Birthday?

J.S. asks from Houston

I'm looking for a unique birthday gift idea for a friend of mine's daughter who is having her birthday party this weekend. She is turning 7. She's a little princess, ...


Husband Has Harder Time with Letting Her Cry

A.R. asks from Philadelphia

My 13 month old has been sleeping in her own crib since birth. While she's pretty good about getting through the night without issue, she will have random tantrums i...


I Am Looking and Need Your Advice, Good or Bad on These OBGYN Doctors

C.L. asks from Phoenix

Hollar Mangam PC Drs Goodman & Partridge OB GYN Seymann, Roger B, MD 1500 S Dobson Rd Mesa, AZ Damore, Tiersa, MD Tamanaha, Paul S. K, Lepetich, Steven M,...


Coping with Daugher Who Might Need Helmet

A.K. asks from Milwaukee

I just had my daughter in for her 4 month well baby appointment yesterday and was givin some news that we were not hoping for. Since early on my daughter has formed a...


Best Gift for Mom of Preemie?

E.G. asks from Boston

I have a coworker who just gave birth to a premature girl. I think she weighs about 3lbs at this point. Does anyone have a suggestion for a good baby gift? I find tha...