Bringing Baby Home: Preschooler

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Survey: Hospital Birth Versus Home Birth??

M.R. asks from Seattle

Did you hear? A young, Australian woman who lobbied for more support for home births has died after delivering her baby daughter at home. She was rushed to the ER in...


A Proper Nighttime Prayer for a 3 Year Old

S.S. asks from Jacksonville

Hi, my husband and I say the prayer "Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep" with my 3 year old son every night before we go to bed. He loves saying prayers before each meal and ...


How to Throw a 3 Year Old a Birthday Party?

K.S. asks from Portland

I don't know how to throw my daughter her 3 year party (October 25th). The last two years have been close family only, and I was fine with that. But since my B-day ...


Baby #2 Due in 3 Weeks- How to Talk to 3 Year Old About Being in the Hospital

S.B. asks from San Francisco

Hello. I am due to have my second baby in about 3 weeks and have been trying to figure out a the best way to tell my 3 year old daughter that I will be in the hospi...


Do You "Sneak" Your 3 Year Old In?

D.B. asks from Los Angeles

We are planning to go to Legoland and Sea World next week, both of which have a "under 3 - free" policy. DD just turned 3 in June. She's average height and weight, ...


3 Year Old--communication Skills

K.H. asks from Austin

My daughter turned 3 in Feb. I know I shouldnt compare my daughter with other children, but I cant help it. I hear other 3 year olds talking and their sentence struct...


4 Year Old & Funerals

D.O. asks from Chicago

My husband's grandmother died today and our 4 year old was quite close with her. Grandma had been sick for several months so we've had time to talk with Sarah about G...


Coming Home from the Hospital Without My Child

H.C. asks from San Diego

I just had my second child 5 weeks early, so they kept him in the hospital for observation. He's doing really well, I just wish I were doing the same. I'm having a h...


What Should I Bring for My Toddler Who Will Be Present at My Hospital Birth?

E.D. asks from Portland

Hi moms!! I am 31 weeks pregnant and decided months ago that I would like my 20 month old to be present during the labour and birth of her little brother! I know th...


Having My 4 Year Old in Birthing Room

C.M. asks from Fort Myers

We are having a natural waterbirth with my baby due in December. My midwife firmly believes in having the sibling in the room to experience the birth. She says it wil...