Bringing Baby Home: Moby Wrap

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Weight Loss Immediately After Giving Birth

I am a first-time Mom, 28 weeks along. Im having a hard time adjusting to my new body and want to know what it will be like after I give birth. Im curious to find out how much weight women have lost immediately after giving birth, and how long did it take to lose all of the weight. Thanks!


Fussy Baby from Birth

I have a 7 week old baby boy that was 3.5 weeks early, he actually spend the...

Baby's Bag

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What Do You Think/recommend - Moby Wrap, Sling, Etc?

Hey everyone! I am expecting my 3rd at the moment. My two little ones are 3 and 4. I used a bejorn with both of them and it was fine, but a lot of moms I have talked to have raved about the moby wrap and slings. I am looking for suggestions on which way to go! I like the idea of the moby and the sling for different reasons and was considering getting both - but maybe that is way too much. It would be nice to be able to have free hands at times, esp going to the park or running errands. I also like the idea if we are out and about...


Having Baby #2?

My husband and I are planning on having baby #2 soon. I have a 10 1/2 month...

Car Seats

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Moby Wrap Original Vs. Moby Wrap D

Hi, I plan on using the Moby Wrap to help me get my baby in and out of the car this winter etc. I will be using a convertible seat and have 2 other kids to bring in and out of schools. My plan is to wear the wrap in the car and just place the baby in it straight from the carseat and then zip my coat over the 2 of us when bringing my daughter into preschool and what not.. Anyway the Moby D has the ability to be knotted on the side vs. back. Is this a good reason to pay $20 more for that version in your opinion? Has anyone used...