Bringing Baby Home: Hydrocortisone

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Help with Eczema

M.A. asks from Minneapolis

My 6 month old was just diagnosed with eczema and I am trying to get his breakouts under control. The doctors are not so helpful on what is causing it (basically say...


Need Suggestions for Bath Soap/lotion for Sensitive Skin and Ezcema.

N.H. asks from Dallas

Hi fellow moms/g-moms. My 14 month old son keeps breaking out with little bumps on his torso. Sometimes it's heat rash. Sometimes it is an allergic reaction to som...


An Unpleasant Problem

L.P. asks from Los Angeles

I gave birth to my son 4 months ago and unfortunately, pregnancy left me with a fun new problem: Hemmorrhoids. The doctor gave me a couple of things for this, but it...


1 Year Old with Asthma

M.T. asks from Boston

Hi everyone, My son Evan is 13 months old and has been hospitalized 3 times now in the past 3 months due to asthma. So far it does not seem to be allergy related. ...


10 Month Old with Cradle Cap Still and Appears to Be Worse?

K.B. asks from San Antonio

My son since birth always had a little cradle cap on the front of his head. He has alot of hair for his age and on top of that it's and orange, red, brown color almo...


SEVERE Diaper Rash!

G.L. asks from San Francisco

My 17 month old daughter never really had diaper rash until about month ago when she developed one. It has gotten worse and then better and then worse again and the p...


Rash, Rash, Rash!!!!!

K.R. asks from Los Angeles

Where do I begin? I took Bella into the pediatrician's office for what I thought was sever diaper rash. Her doctor sent me home with medication for a yeast infectio...


Never Ending Diaper Rash!!

K.R. asks from Omaha

Looking for any ideas, or maybe I just need to vent a little! My son, who will be one next week, has been battling diaper rashes since Thanksgiving. NEVER had a pr...


Treatment for Face Rashes

A.E. asks from San Francisco

My 3 month old has red blotches on her face, on the side of her cheeks and forehead, I think it might be a rash and possibly eczema. It comes and goes, but I notice s...


Advice: 1 Month Old Has Rash on Her Face

N.J. asks from New York

My 1 month old daughter has developed a rash on her face, scalp and behind her ears. its red and pimply....its begining to itch her now and seems to be aggrevated aft...